My Kitchen Sink Is Clogged How Do I Fix It

The sink is one of the most important furniture in the kitchen so we have to keep it clean and not to throw away the bigger objects because it can lead to blocked sink drainage. But if it is already quietly clogged we have some solutions to remove the blockage

How To Unclog Your Kitchen Sink! {Or Any Other Sink}

With Boiling Water

This is one of the easiest tips you can do to get rid of blockages in your sink. Prepare water and cook until boiling, while waiting for water to boil you should drain the water on the sink by using a cup or small pot until the water is completely discharged. Next pour boiling water into the tub until the clogged sink water can return normally

Salt and Boiling Water

If the first way fails you can use this second way is to sprinkle salt on boiling water that you made earlier then pour into the sink clog repeat continue until the sink is normal again

Vinegar and Baking Soda

If the second way fails you can also use Vinegar and baking soda, how to pour one cup or more baking soda into the disposal, followed by vinegar and then place the stopper and wait for approximately 15 minutes. Next, run hot water to see if the blockage is clean. Repeat if necessary.

If the above means fail then do dismantle the sewer drain and clean it manually if you do not want to bother then please call The person who can fix the sink problem

For that you must keep your sink by paying attention to your disposal so that the sink is not stolen anymore.

That's My Kitchen Sink Is Clogged hopefully can help your problem