5 Simple Step by Step Into Modern Kitchen Remodel

Thinking of spicing up your room layout?
Our team of in-store room specialists and contractors will facilitate
you do the work. Roll up your sleeves and follow our 5 easy steps to form that lovely one-of-a-kind preparation area, from concept to completion.
5 Simple Step by Step Into Modern Kitchen Remodel

5 Simple Step by Step Into Modern Kitchen Remodel

1. Determine the Scope and Style of Your Kitchen Renovation

5 Simple Step by Step Into Modern Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your room could be a huge job and a substantial investment in your home's worth. begin by deciding the scope of your desires for your renovation project.

Updating your cupboards is that the fastest thanks to building a large impact. With special order custom cupboards, you'll be able to make sure you get the proper setup for your room.

Be realistic regarding your life-style and the way you may use your area. does one like to cook or have an oversized family? you'll need to expand for an additional area or higher practicality. ar you usually ordering takeout or diverting guests? Refresh your look with additional fashionable cupboard finishes or countertops!

Take a while to gather ideas for your favorite trends and options. For inspiration, follow our room Pinterest Board. this may assist you to visualize your dream renovation ideas.

If you do not understand what you are looking for, that is OK too! Our room Specialists at your native Lowe's ar up-to-date on the most effective trends, styles, features, and finishes. they'll work with you to form certain you'll be able to get the room you are looking for.

2. Build Your Budget

5 Simple Step by Step Into Modern Kitchen Remodel


Once you perceive your desires and goals, you’re able to build your budget.

Keep in mind what proportion time and energy you’re willing to pay. for instance, a DIY approach will shave expenses, however it would take longer to complete. There also are additional risks concerned, reckoning on your level of expertise. generally there ar additional savings within the long-term by seeking to facilitate from professionals.

Consider credit finance choices that may facilitate build your ideal room a reasonable reality. for instance, with Lowe’s credit line, there aren't any payments, no interest, and no fees for your room purchases if paid fully inside the year. This covers appliances, special order cupboards, and countertops!

Visit your native Lowe’s to use for a short-lived MasterCard and begin looking in-store, or learn additional regarding our credit services on-line.

3. Measure and Sketch Your Kitchen Layout

5 Simple Step by Step Into Modern Kitchen Remodel


There ar four common room layouts: one-wall, galley, L-shape, and U-shape. live your room cupboards, countertops, and appliances intimately (width, height, length) and check out to draw a rough sketch of your current layout.

It doesn’t ought to look good, as long because it offers a decent plan of the obtainable area. Don’t forget to mark electrical shops and plumbing fixtures. this may have an effect on however you'll lay out your woodworking, and wherever you’ll place things like your sink, faucets, and appliances.

Accuracy is essential for a swish, stress-free room renovation. precise measurements guarantee your new appliances, countertops, or custom cupboards match along utterly.

4. Bring Your Dream Kitchen to Life With a Kitchen Specialist

5 Simple Step by Step Into Modern Kitchen Remodel


Finally, this can be the instant you’ve been waiting for!

Visit your native Lowe’s and see a room Specialist for a free in-store consultation. Speak to them regarding your desires, your budget, room measurements, and basic layout. You’ll have complete management over your renovation project, while not breaking a sweat!

With your room Specialist’s steering and experience, you’ll get the ins and outs of exciting options and style solutions only for you. From secret spice drawers to intrinsic vary hoods, you’ll realize even additional personalized solutions obtainable with our custom cupboards.

Everything is lined, right down to the littlest detail. combine deluxe countertops with sensible sinks and taps. Match your appliances, lighting, and cupboard hardware in stainless-steel for a unified look. vogue your backsplash and flooring in elegant marble. you'll be able to have it all!

When you’re finished, a value estimate is provided on-the-spot. product and labor can be enclosed — thus your case will haven't any surprises.

5. Let skilled Installers pay attention of the remainder

5 Simple Step by Step Into Modern Kitchen Remodel


Sit back and relax! during this last step, your room Specialist works in synchronize with certified and trained installers to complete your program.

For a fast and straightforward room installation, you’ll be contacted to book a rendezvous for associate degree in-home consultation. Your installer can make sure measurements for secured match associate degreed a correct quote.

When it’s time to begin building, you’ll be contacted once more to verify a convenient date and time for your installer’s next visit.

On a massive day, you won’t worry a couple of factors. Your installer takes care of assembly and delivery of all of your new product. They additionally take away and cart away your existing appliances, cabinets, and countertops. once they’re finished, they’ll facilitate to check your room for correct installation and close up any mess.

That’s it! You’re standing in your stunning, different kitchen!

By creating a trial to tell yourself before your room rework, you’ve already taken a positive step in the right direction. You’re well on your thanks to wins} your goal — good luck and happy renovating!

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